How To Clean The Cooling Fan Of Your Laptop

Laptops over a period time accumulate lot of dust particles both inside and outside. One of the major areas where these laptop store lot of dust particles is the cooling fan of the laptop. These fans installed on the bottom of the laptop require regular check and maintenance to perform to the fullest. Since the laptop fans perform constantly since the time the laptop is turned on, they are the most critical components of the laptop. If they do not function properly then it can result in your laptop getting heated up abnormally which can even cause a system crash. Find tips and tricks to know how to maintain the cooling fan of your laptop. Before you get started keep a small screwdriver, soft brush and vacuum cleaner handy.

  1. Turn off the laptop completely. Unplug all the power supplies from the laptop.
  2. Flip the laptop upside down and remove the battery from the laptop
  3. Locate the air vent on the laptop. These vents are generally found on the outer edge of the laptop.
  4. There would be a panel fitted on top on the air vent. Unscrew the panel and dismantle it.
  5. Once the panel is removed from the laptop you should be able to see the fan inside the laptop.
  6. You can use a facial tissue or a soft cloth to remove the dust on the fan initially before you start deep cleaning of the fan. The dust particle strands can be pulled out easily.
  7. Now, you can use some air to blow the hard dust out of the laptop. You can use a vacuum cleaner with low power in the blow mode to blow air onto the dust particles or just blow hard through your mouth to loosen the dust particles.
  8. Once the dust particles are loose, you can use a soft brush to clean the fan. Use gentle and small strokes to wipe out the dust from the fan.
  9. Make sure you clean it in all directions and at different angles.
  10. Care should be taken so that the dust from the rotating fan doesn’t enter the laptop.
  11. During the process of cleaning, you can perform the blowout step outside so that you do not dirty the area in the house with dirt.
  12. When you are cleaning the fan, if you find hard dirt use the vacuum air or your mouth to loosen it and again stroke it with a brush to wipe out the remaining dust.
  13. Ensure you do not use the vacuum cleaner very near to the fan. Strong wind of air from the vacuum cleaner can damage the fan. If the fan is damaged then the only option is to replace it.
  14. Once you have blown out all the dust and removed the particles from the fan you need to replace the components as before.
  15. Replace the panel and screw it firmly.
  16. Plug in the power and start your laptop.

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